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Wed. PM OT

How’d your day go, everyone?

Today was our first day of meetings in prep for start of class on Mon. The whole college was tasked with coming up with ideas about why success rates (defined as graduating “on time”) are lower for students of color than white students. And how we might do a better job of keeping students of color enrolled and on track for on time graduation. We went into breakout sessions to discuss the data and our ideas, which were recorded and sent into our president and deans.

I... ended up sort of yelling at my group? for awhile? Of course, everyone in the room (including me) is white. But all the other people in the room were coming up with all theses reasons that a) we can’t really do too much about this b) all these concerns apply to “females” too (there was LITERALLY NO DATA GIVEN TO US ABOUT GENDER) and c) “white students have a hard time, too.”


So, yeah, raised my voice at a bunch of people from different depts. who don’t really know me about institutional racism, white privilege and denial of racism, and issues specific to our institution that contribute to these disparities. I... especially yelled at the guy who said white students have it bad, too? :D

Anywhoozles, pretty sure I’m going to win Miss Congeniality on campus! And this just affirmed for me that we absolutely need implicit bias training required on our campus. I’m going to talk to my dean and the college president about it tomorrow.

In other news, I was going through old syllabi and started laughing so hard when I saw that I’d used this meme at the end of my “how to email your professor” portion of a syllabus a few years ago. I think it’s a pretty good policy meme! Although my students probably aren’t hardcore RHONY fans like me, lol.


Woof! That got long! How are you all doing? How was your day?

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