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Wedding Bullshit...seriously

So this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down and also about the fuck shit I had to deal with today. So me and my family drove down to Myrtle Beach for my cousin’s wedding that’s tomorrow. We came early because we offered to help decorate for her reception. We had dinner with her last night and it was lovely. She said nothing about the decorations we though it was handled.

Imagine our surprise this afternoon 3 hours before we were supposed to decorate when we get a call from her wedding coordinator asking for the decorations.... We were very confused and asked what did she mean... my freaking cousin assumed that since we offered to help decorate we were bringing all the stuff with us...she had nothing!!!!!!!!!!!


Cue total disarray! Her family is already not being that supportive because they are annoyed she is marrying a white guy so they weren’t any help, so me my sister my mother and grandma run around to Michaels, Walmart and two dollar stores looking for wedding stuff and decorations in her colors: Peach, Coral and Grey.

We get to the center where the reception will be and its in the middle of bumfuck SC. We get inside and all the other people had done was put up tables and set the centerpieces out.... Thank god we got table cloths and runners and tons of crepe paper and just threw some shit together. I am fucking exhausted just got back to my hotel room and I have consumed half a bottle of wine....for now.

*sidenote: We also had to deal with my schizophrenic aunt the one whose daughter it is and the issues her and my cousins stepmother have. Basically my grandma and her husband and my aunt drove down from Charleston and we dropped my aunt off at the rehearsal dinner before we went to decorate because she was driving us insane. After we finished we asked them if we needed to get her before we went back to our resort. They told us no we went back to civilization...2 hours later these selfish assholes are blowing up our phones saying someone needs to come get her. Needless to say we told them no. Her son just brought her back...I’m headed to the wine bottle again. Pray for me tomorrow is going to suck.


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