Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This has stayed with me since 1983, Springtime. At my local Catholic Church while in high school I belonged to the Church's musical youth group. We essentially sang with a guitar (I did not play guitar) at a Saturday afternoon mass. Well that Spring we were asked to do a wedding ceremony. I did not know the couple, the adult leader did. Well we also had a youth leader of the musical group. This youth leader was MY friend since grade 1.

The week of the wedding, the adult leader was sick but wanted us to practice together anyways. We did. We practiced Evergreen and the youth leader said my singing was not wedding quality and said to sit out the wedding. I was hurt. The adult leader called me that night apologized and said if the couple wanted good singers they could have hired them instead they chose us. I did sing. Now I feel in retrospect I should not have. I should have backed out like my "friend" wanted. I did not speak to my "friend" again except when I had to.

Note my singing voice is not good at all.

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