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Wedding Day

I’m getting married today!

The fire is still going, but has settled somewhat and is moving into less populated areas. I’m hoping the smoke isn’t bad tonight at our venue. Two of the other venues we were considering were in mandatory evac zones, and while today would be accessible, would be completely overwhelmed with smoke. My dad and his GF managed to get in, although their bag was lost; my little sister was asking if it was safe to come because my stepmom, who wasn’t invited (dad and her are divorced), was telling sis the air here was horrendous; and the fire has thrown off my timeline for things. But little sister is coming after all, things are coming together again, and I’m optimistic today is going to go flawlessly!

As long as I’m married by the end of today, i’ll be happy. Also, there will be pizza!


Here are pics from the fire. Only two are mine. The one of stuff actively burning is from someone else; I cannot claim it as mine.

My mom’s work the next day. Miraculously, only one building was lost. Irrigation for the win!
Still running the helicopters to put out the fire.
It’s like living in Mordor, said someone on facebook.

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