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Wedding days & what to do?

We’re going to Austin, Texas for a hometown wedding this week...Yay!

Me & Mr. 4th are so excited. “Hometown” cuts both ways, as my friend moved to Texas a long time ago from the beautiful salt of the Jersey Shore when the Groom was 5 years old:) My friend & her son .


NJ loves TX, forever!

I am a jerk. I thought what we spent to get there would be enough, but this morning I realized, NO! NOT ENOUGH! It is, but it isn’t to two young loves who are marrying.

What’s still on the Registry....I’m not going there. I can’t. I have to come clean & say that the items there were either too expensive or too inexpensive.

I bought something I think they might like from a legacy brand, & antique table linens, but can’t know anything....


Gimmee your creative ideas & recommendations, GT!! xo

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