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Wedding Debacle Follow-Up

So... you guys remember this?

It turns out that they did, in fact get married that weekend, albeit not at The Awesome Place. (You know what, for the purposes of this post, I’ll refer to it as “Disney World”. In the realm of weddings, this place would be at that level.) I found out about the 11th hour solution after we had already canceled our reservations so I was bummed to miss it but happy for them. From what I understand, they were able to convert their rehearsal dinner (at a nearby, also impressive, location that I’ll call “Six Flags”) into the wedding and still had a pretty good turnout. Which, hey, way to make lemonade out of lemons! Thumbs up, right?

*screeching brakes*

Ha ha ha ha! No.

It appears that the bride completely blames her mom for not getting her dream wedding.


*pulls out the smelling salts again*

Why? That is a really good question, the answer to which you will not find in this post!

As people have talked and details have fallen into place, it’s become even MORE baffling how the cost overrun got that high, let alone without anyone else finding out beforehand. In addition to the money that the various parents gifted, they straight-up covered expenses such as the flowers, her dress, even her bridesmaids’ dresses. That last one, I won’t go into the details but the numbers I heard literally made my jaw drop.

And now she has posted an album of herself all done up in her dress that were taken at Disney World. She looks gorgeous. Beaming. The pics are beautiful. Just her, though. No groom. No wedding party. In other words, probably not taken that day. Which is fine. I’m aware some people do that — get pics at places with gorgeous backdrops or taken on a different day. All the pics are tagged Disney World, which is true. In fact, that tag shows up all over her feed from the last month. No pictures of her ceremony at Six Flags have been posted by her, though. No “Six Flags” tags anywhere. Naturally, someone looking at her profile would have to assume she got married at Disney.


Maybe I’m just a cynical asshole but it sure comes off like the bride is trying to cling to a certain kind of ... ... ... status, for lack of a better term, that Disney reflects.

Even if she did go crazy, I know it’s a bummer that the dream wedding at the most magical place on Earth didn’t happen exactly as they pictured it but, I dunno. This does not seem to bode well for married life.


ETA: Yes, I have considered that they maybe went through with the wedding *partly* because they would otherwise have to go through all of the hassle of returning gifts. Plus they love each other and had a honeymoon scheduled and all that other stuff.

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