Okay, so I found a beautiful dress that I really like...but it is $1575 (mostly lace and by a designer). And I've mentioned before that I already have a dress from when I was supposed to marry my abusive ex. I think I'm going to sell it, but I still don't really have the budget for a $1600 dress, and also, after talking to GreenHunk, I'm not sure that I really want a floor-length gown. I want to be able to enjoy the night without worrying about keeping my dress out of the way. So I did a concept drawing of what I want my dress to look like and I'm wondering if I should just take it to a seamstress, since I've searched extensively and nothing like this exists.

So I have three questions for you, Groupthink: 1. How do I find a good seamstress? What do I look for and what should I ask? 2. Have any of you had a custom-made wedding dress and was it a good experience for you? 3. I want the dress to be made of mostly silk organza or chiffon, with a lace bodice. Do you think I can keep the price under $1000?

P.S. thank you guys for being so patient with my silly wedding posts! I <3 you all.