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Wedding dress thoughts?

Hello lovelies! I think I found a wedding dress! I've narrowed it down to two:

(1) Caroline DeVillo's Elizabeth


I'd wear the belt (or something similar) to the one at the top left. What you can't see, and I can't find photos of, is that the back has covered buttons all the way from the top to the end of the train. It does have a train, so I would have to get a bustle put on. It's made of really lightweight silk duponi, so that's a plus.

(2) Jenny Yoo's Sophie

What you can't see on this (and again, can't find a photo of) is that the lace in the back comes to a point and there is a single kick pleat. I have a big 'ol booty and the cut of the lace and the pleat are very flattering. This dress really looked the best on me, because of the cut in the back. It also would not require a bustle because there is no train. It is not as lightweight as the Caroline DeVillo, but it's not much heavier because the skirt is organza.

I really like #2 better, but I have a dilemma - I'd have to order it directly from the designer's showroom, and they don't have an in-house tailor, so I'd have to pick it up, hang it in my place, take it to a tailor. The Caroline DeVillo would come from Nordstrom, and I would just leave it there and go visit it to get it tailored.


Those of you who've done the whole wedding thing - do you think the lack of a tailor would be a big deal? Would it be so annoying that I should just get the Caroline DeVillo from Nordstrom? Does the fact that the Caroline DeVillo has a train mean that it would be unwieldy? Thoughts and feelings?

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