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Wedding Dress Woes

I’m having a giant brownie for dinner because being on your period and wedding dress shopping is not a good combo.

I’m having a really tough time with this whole wedding dress thing, guys. I’m not having a whole lot of luck finding things that I like that are in my price range. Everything I fall in love with comes with a $1.5k-3k price tag. And I have dreams of keeping my entire ensemble (including hair and makeup and underthings) under $500.

I’ve also got this internal struggle between what I want (simple, understated, elegant) and what I think I’m supposed to want (SPARKLES, a train? FLOOF) I can’t seem to find a middle ground... that is also in my budget.


So here are some dresses that I love, that I can’t have, and that are wildly different from each other because I have no idea what I really truly want out of this whole wedding dress thing. Thank you for listening to my whine.

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