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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am trying to make a guest list so that I can have a ballpark figure for setting a budget and other parameters for my wedding and start venue-hunting. Because I have an enormous family who all need an invite I am trying to be stingy otherwise. My mother's "wedding etiquette advice" usually is "who cares, do what you want?" and while I appreciate that sentiment, I would like a little bit of guidance on not pissing off every single person I care about.

I am giving plus ones to established couples, even if they are not married, but what is the deal with the following circumstances, and how should I prioritize them?

  • BFFs who are single
  • People who may not know a lot of other people
  • Teenagers with long-term relationships (these are first cousins)
  • Fairly good friends who are amicably divorced from each other and would both get invites but I'm not sure what the implications of them bringing dates means (I have four people like this - two ex-couples)
  • People who explicitly ask for a plus one (yeah this has already happened and this is a non-bff who is single)

Thank you hive-mind.

Update to add: ALSO what about kids? I want it to be no kids, with the exception of a few of my first cousins. This is ok, right?

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