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I got a text from my best man asking if he could bring his girlfriend to the wedidng in October. They both live in Georgia and i know he has never been to Oklahoma and until i hear otherwise i'm assuming she hasn't either. We're not doing a catering dinner so that's not an issue. But my fiance is concerned about the space. The church and fellowship hall are not big and we're working on making sure we don't go over capacity. But that's only one of the things i'm worried about

I know my friend dosen't know OKC. I was going to be his guide along with my two other groomsman from Maine. His GF won't know the city, won't know anyone other than him and unless they plan to rent a car won't have transportation. I was going to let my groomsman use my vehicle while they were here if they wanted to and pay for two nights of thier accommodations. Now he did say that he would cover thier room if she came. But he would need to get a car because i'm not going to let someone i don't even know use my car. Another issue is he plans to be here Thursday and we were going to hit the town together. This is really important to me as i have not seen him in probably almost 10 years. We went to HS togethger, went our separate ways for our college years and then he went to Georgia to finish his law degree and start his career. All this time we've stayed in touch through calls, texts, facebook. But i was never in Maine when he went to visit his brother before he went to college or his folks and i never made it out to GA or him to Oklahoma. Of my other three groomsman one's my coz who lives outside of Ft Worth, Tx who i see all the time and two others are friends from Maine. While i don't see them often, i was just up there last summer. So seeing my best man from GA and having some time together is really important to me. I've been willing to go along with whatever EllaFunksGerald (thanks Gonzo for the name idea!) wants for the wedding itself. All I've wanted is the chance to see my friends and having a gf who i've never met, i think, is just going to make things more difficult and unfair for her. She'll either be dragged along to bars with guys she's never met, listening to jokes and stories that have no context. Or she could hang with my family, who she has no relation to and never met.


Finally, i will end by saying that my cousin whose wedding i went to in Maine did allow me to bring EllaFunks along as my +1. That said, my uncle has a lot of money he was throwing at the wedding so one extra person wasn't going to make a big deal. On top of that, we were going to Maine, my home territory. But i will say it did bring her and me closer and once i saw how well she got along with my family and friends it made me feel like i knew i was eventually going to ask her to marry me. I would hate to deprive my best friend of that chance. I just don't think it's a good idea because of the logistics and everything involved. People who have done weddings, what do you think?

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