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To counteract the crappiness of dealing with my future MIL on this "engagement party" (we got engaged a year ago) she's throwing for "us" (her), I've gone on an Etsy spree for our wedding decor.

#1 Favorite - a custom beer crate (we are getting married at a brewery) to hold cards at the wedding / later serve as a tray for our home bar. Will read "The Dakotas - Est. 2014":


#2 Favorite - table runners, black & white striped. Goal is to look like this - black & white stripes, wood table with no linens, and citrus colored flowers:

Now I have to find a guestbook, wheeeeee, gettin' hitched!

ETA: I haven't ever watched Dr. Who, but I know there are a number of Whovians 'round these parts. LOOK AT THIS GUESTBOOK I FOUND!


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