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Wedding makeup advice please?

Hello makeup loving ladies of groupthink.

I’m getting married at the end of May, which is great! But I am now facing the question of what makeup to wear. I know the kind of look I’m going for, I have an early-sixties tea length dress and I want to look like I have flawless skin (ha!) and beautiful bright pink lips. I don’t want to look like I am overly made up, which I think a lot brides do. I am not contouring my face ever.

I need makeup that is going to last all day and night. I need foundation of some sort (and primer? Maybe? I have never worn primer before but this sounds like a good time to start), eyeliner, and lipstick that I can cry/kiss/eat/dance in and not worry about it.


I am Relatively pale person with olive/yellow undertones, but my skin is also kind of sensitive and can get red, so a color-correcting or sensitive skin primer would be nice. I usually wear Bare Minerals, but I just fon’t think it has the staying power.

Thank you for your suggestions wonderful makeup lovers!

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