Alright folks, it's time for a Truly Peculiar Mystery.

I was just minding my own business, getting my mail, looking in dismay at hospital bills (okay, so it was only for $10. I just needed the dramatic effect, alright?!), when I encountered a lovely looking envelope posted from North Carolina.

Now, the only person I know in North Carolina who would be sending me notes in the mail is my aunt, and this was decidedly not from her.

It was a Save The Date!


Except... I have no clue who these people are.

They seem to know me, they have my full name and address correct and everything, and it's not like it's a super easy to mix up name and address!


So, what do you think this could be, Groupthink?! I need your cumulative brains! Make up all the stories in the world!

Cause if they actually send me an invitation I'm going, bringing an extravagant gift, and being like HEY GUYS WHATS UP!

SO as it turns out, this was meant for The Other Me who lives in the other building in my complex.


Can't decide if this makes it more or less bizarre, but I shit you not, there is someone in a similarly numbered unit who spells her name EXACTLY like mine. We've played mail switcheroo before, and I just didn't think of her right away.

Case closed, I guess, though now I'm hoping she takes me as her date! :)