Wanna talk about weddings? Mine, yours, one you're in this year? Please talk about them here! Because I'm gonna. ;)

First, I chose my venue. And they have BOATS and a TREEHOUSE. It's perfect.

Second, I found a beautiful dress. This is gonna be tricky because I already have one from being engaged before that's brand new, and I didn't really budget for a new dress so I'll have to sell my old one, but this dress is a) bad memory free and b) totally gorgeous. It looks like a fairy dress!

The Greenheart/GreenHunk wedding is tentatively going to be August 8, 2015.

And...is this a silly idea? I think we decided we are going to plant seeds for a tree together during the ceremony. You know, instead of unity candles or sand or something.


Now tell me your wedding-y news!