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Wedding Planning Stress Already

So I got engaged on Sunday, and within a day my mom has already picked the rough date, scheduled my engagement party, and got my viewing appointments for venues.

I am extremely grateful that I basically have a wedding planner for free, and I know that if I am going to get married in 13 months (!!!) it's good to get started now.


But Jesus Christ weddings are a lot of work and I haven't even done anything yet.

Oh, and my flippant attitude where I was like, "Ugh, these princesses and their multi-thousand-dollar weddings"? Yeah, I had no idea how much everything cost. Fucking wedding industrial complex.

I do want a wedding, so it's not like anyone's forcing me to have a full ceremony against my will, but it's still all sort of insane.

The good news is that my alma mater offers 50% off their wedding venue for alumni, and right now that's looking like the best option.


But my big question: the dress. I had a friend tell me that it's normal to order your dress 8 months ahead of time, which would mean I'd have to pick something in the next 5 months. Which is not happening. I also somewhat stupidly want to lose a lot of weight, so I'm not really eager to buy early.

I kind of want to buy off-the-rack and just have it tailored locally, but does anyone have experience with that? Is a salon better?

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