Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Ugh, my wedding. I mean, yay for getting married to the guy I love, but ugh, wedding decisions.

I'm a neurotic pre-planner, so the fact that I have a huge event looming slightly less than a year away is driving me insane. There's so many decisions I want to make RIGHTNOW so I can get them out of the way, but logistically it doesn't make any sense to finalize the menu or order the wine right now.


But favours! I can order favours! So I ordered these favours and I'm terribly excited about them:


I'm a big tea drinker as are most of the guests, and these are totally adorable and pre-packaged and not expensive. And now I feel like I've really checked something substantial off the list, so imma gonna go see Thor 2 this afternoon yay!

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