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Wedding Question UPDATE

So I’ve been to about 1,000 weddings, and all of them have been for family members. I’m about to attend my first non-familial wedding (at 26!? how did I manage to go this long?) and I have a gift etiquette question.

There’s a registry. There is also a bridal shower, which I’m attending. And the bachelor party, actually, if that matters. I know I need to buy a gift for the wedding, off the registry, that I will send ahead to their address, so that they aren’t wrangling a table of gifts at their wedding. But for the bridal shower, what do I do? Do I also send that gift ahead, after buying it off of the registry? I kind of wanted to do a gift basket of a bunch of the smaller kitchen items from their registry, but that doesn’t really work if I’m sending them all ahead. So can I ship the items from the registry to myself, and then bring the present with me to the shower?

Also, do I need to buy anything for the bachelor party? I know the groom better than the bride, so I don’t know if there is a bachelorette party, and I just wasn’t invited, or there will be one, and I just haven’t been invited yet, but do I need to buy a gift for the bachelorette party if there is one and I’m invited to it?


ETA: HAHA, I literally just got invited to the bachelorette party as well. So, I guess it’s good that it sounds like I don’t have to bring a gift to those, as that would make 4 for one wedding, which would start to feel excessive.

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