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Wedding Question #98767829440 (registry)

So I apologize if I keep doing this more increasingly, haha. I am just an uncivilized menace in disguise, it seems, and have no one I trust about etiquette-related things. I don't trust anything I see about etiquette, because everything I read online is like, SO by the book it seems antiquated, or SO off the rails it's trying too hard to be a *cool wedding.* I'm just kind of a chill person and I worry my chillness will annoy people.

We don't want or need that much stuff for our house. What we do want or need seems ridiculous for a registry - like I would really like a membership to a local gym, some spa/grooming stuff, lasik eye surgery, lots of things. My SO will need a new car in the next few years. Instead of having people buy us a bunch of shit we don't need and waste money, we'd really rather have the money to savet. But by a lot of accounts that is really, really gauche.


I know there is the "honeymoon fund" option, but we are not going on a real honeymoon right away (we are going on a small trip that will be essentially free because it's to a beach house my mom owns).

We don't have too many super traditional people in our lives but I really don't want to be an asshole. I know the "you can't please everyone" thing, which is fine, but I am just really, REALLY obtuse when it comes to social graces sometimes.

What do you guys think? Asking for money ok?

Also, since we will be registering for some stuff and I am a little overwhelmed by information on the internet, do you have any tips or places you think worked out really well for you?


ETA: See?!! This is why I have you guys. I knew you'd help set me straight. "but I am just really, REALLY obtuse when it comes to social graces sometimes."

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