You know, instead of doing a million posts. Lots of F-word.

  1. Is it like, standard operating procedure nowadays for photographers to not really provide prints? I obviously don’t expect that THEY do the printing - I just figured they would have more of a hookup than, “here are digital copies for you to take wherever.” Just fucking do it for me. I’ll pay you.
  2. I’m having trouble visualizing how everything will go (like the sequence of events). We’re having a brief ceremony in a garden attached to the venue, then reception. Boom. The venue doesn’t provide anything. How the fuck do I get whatever equipment would be needed so that people can hear the ceremony, without entering into a whole thing with AV people? Then who is in charge at the reception? A DJ? WHO IS IN CHARGE? (there will be a venue-provided “planner” around so maybe they are in charge?!).
  3. What the fuck do I do with gifts? I mean, I always feel like it’s awkward that you drag a physical gift with you across the country, only to leave it on a table for someone else. Where the fuck do I put them? How do I get them anywhere?
  4. We want to do our own flowers (it won’t be too many, don’t worry). How the fuck do I keep them fresh?
  5. Where the fuck is the groom supposed to get ready (we don’t have rooms at the venue)? I mean, I’m going to have a suite but he needs to stay the fuck outta there.
  6. Each branch of my family thinks that they want to gift me a brunch the next day, ONLY for that branch of the family. We have a lot of divorce/blended family situations happening, and I understand their urge to get us to themselves at some point, but it’s just not going to happen. At what point can I stomp my feet and tell them all to fuck off about this?
  7. Is it normal for people who aren’t even dating anyone (and aren’t traveling) to just flat out ask for plus ones? Like, I would not do that. People who would be in the “oh, I have to find a date for HML’s wedding” category. NO YOU DON’T.
  8. Where do I keep all my things? (cell phone, keys, etc)
  9. I wasn’t going to choose bridesmaids dresses (my rule was cocktail attire black dress, no private parts showing) but those bitches want more details I don’t want to make this decision. I don’t give a shit because I’m going to look good and we’re not going to take 30,000 pictures. This isn’t a question. I guess.

This post brought to you by frustration because I don’t feel like I am a picky person but all choices presented to me about everything always feel wrong. Maybe I am a bridezilla...