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Wedding Rant...you have been warned!

So, I know I have posted on here before about my BIL's wedding at Disney World. I am about to blow a gasket on the selfishness of this couple. We could not go but we are really going for my daughter to spend time with her grandparents and because they are older, there may not be many more chances. Oh, and they are already legally married. And have been living together as a married couple for over a year.

Last weekend, my BIL asked my husband to do both the live filming of the even and do photography of the couple. I grumbled over it because my husband is a guest, not the hired photographer. But ok, fine.

As military, we get 6 tickets at about a 60% discount. It is the main reason we are actually attending. We found out we were entitled to another 2 because we thought we could only get 4. We offered the discount to SIL's mom and dad. I figured she bought their tickets but decided to offer anyway. It turns out that had purchased their tickets like a week before we asked and once they saw the prices, they were pretty devestated. They are a Mexican immigrant family who know limited English. The dad does some sort of mechanic work and the mom cleans houses for like 70 hours a week. They are the type of family who spend every dollar on their children instead of saving for their retirement. They both do hard physical labor and will probably never retire.


Given that my SIL is in a MUCH better financial state then her parents, I am a little disgusted that she is having her parents shell out like 4000 dollars for their wedding. If it was my parents, I'd probably offer to pay their way. They are paying 20,000-30,000 for the wedding. THERE IS NO RECEPTION. And they aren't paying for the photography. We are going dutch at the restaurant of their choosing. I am sure my FIL will pick up the tab but it shouldn't be his responsibility.

I wonder what the hell they are paying for. I am furious at this point.

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