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Wedding readings / essays and verses about love & partnership?

(1) Hello, I’ve missed you all (been lurking but not weighing in too much lately— busy fall!). (2) ...And I need your help again. :D

I was asked to give a reading of my choice in a few weeks at a wedding. I’ve known one of the couple for over 10 years now and am totally happy to ham and/or sap it up in his honor. However, I moved out of town a few years ago before he really got together with his wife in a serious way (yes, they’re already married... they got married in a small wedding in her home country last year or so, and this is their big let’s-do-it-again-and-do-it-big party in the States where both of their families and all their friends from across the globe will be together for the first time — going to be super fun!). I’ve only had limited occasions to observe the couple together though, so I can’t pinpoint with the specificity I’d normally employ what message would be exactly in line with their vibe/relationship style/personal taste. (As a perfectionist, this is a mega bummer.)

That leaves me to default to whatever I think is fun and romantic and meaningful.


So, share with me GTers, what essays and poems about love, partnership, companionship, etc. move you? The couple are in their 30s (like me) and NOT religious in any way (and, in any event, one is not Christian and this crowd would not be into something like Psalms, so please no Bible verses). Themes that may be apt include love making a person mature and become more selfless or... love spanning geography or making you want to travel far distances to be with someone. (Bonus points: If it helps, I have a good knack for picking up the cadence of contemporary poetry when reading aloud, esp. where there’s building repetition, and give good NPR reading-with-gravitas voice.)

Thank you! Can’t wait to see what we astute readers, deep souls, and flaming romantics of GT can come up with. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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