Quite often, in Paris, you see people getting their photo taken in big fancy wedding dresses in random places. Of course, they tend to be during the day for the lighting, which means that what you don't see are all the people walking around the back staring at them. We often debate with each other whether the people getting their photo taken are there as models for the brand, or whether they are actual couples.

I'm not sure why, but it seems to be a particular trend amongst asian couples.

I remember walking past this couple on the bridge a while ago, and we assumed that they were just models for a shoot since they didn't seem particularly affectionate in between the shots. Apparently we were wrong!


There was another couple recently getting their pictures taken on a really fugly bridge - the thing is, if you avoid taking a picture of the bridge itself, it has a brilliant view of the eiffel tower behind it. It's funny seeing the juxtaposition of the super expensive dresses with the everyday shoppers walking around them with their fnac bags.

In Prague, there was a couple getting their photos done in front of the astronomical clock. This is a very beautiful spot for pictures, but problematically it is always packed with tourists who also want to look at the beautiful clock. In this particular instance the poor couple had to endure throngs of people (locals and tourists alike) shouting "KISS HER! KISS HER!" since they were posing in a fake kiss. They seemed to see the humour in it and everyone cheered when they succumbed to the shortest, most awkward peck on the lips I have ever seen.


The moral of the story is, if you want to have engagement or wedding photos taken in the Paris, prepare for it to be super freakin' awkward for the duration of the shoot!