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Wedding/Shower Gifts on the Cheap

Hey Hivemind, I know I was talking to someone about wedding and shower gifts on the cheap sometime in the last few weeks. I can't find the original post, but I figure that maybe other people might like the link too!

Woot.com has a sale on "Thanksgiving" stuff right now, which amounts to a lot of pretty nice kitchen stuff on a very good sale.

"Thanksgiving Preparation," AKA Wedding Gifts!

They have crock pot/slow cooker sets for $30, 3-piece bamboo cutting board sets for $15-30, meat thermometers, cast iron pans, container sets, and more. I personally love my mother's Mandoline to the end of the earth and use it all the time if I'm at the house. It slices, dices, and juliennes veggies and fruits like they're nothing, so it makes prep so easy for a lot of dishes. I'm grabbing one or two things now, because I know I have weddings coming up where I'll need to bring gifts.


ETA: I don't work for Woot or receive any benefits from them. I'm a student, so I don't have much money, and I like to share deals when I see them because weddings can be pricey as f*ck.

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