I just got the invitation to my friend's wedding and was looking over the registries with my two best friends who were also invited. One can't go which sucks because I haven't seen either of them since I moved back to Boston and the other one lives in LA now. Eating and drinking on someone else's dime would be the best reunion. I'm hoping we can work it out so we can get at least one night to hang out. ANYWAY, the registry ranges from the inexpensive stemware, napkins, what have you and sorta jumps to the expensive appliances, cookware, and duvets. It's also super smaller than I was expecting. Is it rude if we three go in together? I kinda think it would be nice because best friend V and I met her at work (I actually hired them both) and she partially got her current job though us introducing to best friend Q. Also, the less sentimental reason is that I'm broke and best friend Q recently left said job to move to LA and is freelancing right now. Going in with friends would relive some of the stress of cash money. Also, is it weird to send it to them? Best friend Q and I are both coming from out of town. I guess we could send it to Best Friend V house? Let me know, people who go to weddings often. Or are married.

ETA: the only weddings I've been to as an adult either ones I was in and we did a bridesmaid gift or super DIY. And the one where my mom just dealt with it, haha.