I am pretty sure that 6 years ago today Mr Lewinski and I went on our first date. So it is pretty awesome that we secured our wedding venue today! I feel like so much stress has been lifted off my shoulders.

We decided that children are a no go at the event with the exception of my niece and nephew who will be included in our ceremony. Both are over the age of 10. Neither he nor I have kids and at most of our social gatherings our friends who have kids arrange for childcare or have teens that are able to stay home alone. I did some internet research about tactful ways to make it apparent that this is an adult only affair. I personally found it hilarious that some of the comments were so negative about not allowing juveniles at the event. Some of the most ridiculous were about how selfish it was not to invite children because the whole point of getting married was to have children. Seriously.

Have any of you received backlash from hosting a child unfriendly event? I would feel really uncomfortable if other children were present and I really don't give a shit if people's feelings are hurt. Also I don't think that our friends/family will be upset about the situation.

Also: HOLY SHIT! I am getting married!