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My big sister is getting married!!! We're going to look at venues in July for the wedding which is happening next year. She was feeling super overwhelmed so I'm going to fly out to see her and be supportive. Her fiancée is a wonderful dude but he doesn't really super care about what they do, wedding-wise. He keeps deferring to her which I think he thinks is helping ("Whatever she wants!") but it's actually stressing her out because she has to make all the decisions.

When I told her I could come out to help her look at venues, she practically screamed with joy over the phone. I'm super excited to go and see her and help out but I literally have no idea what I'm doing. I've been in two weddings so I know about that aspect, but planning one is kind like, wha?

So what kinds of questions should we ask? What should we be on the look out for?


Some details about the upcoming wedding:

They've set a date in July of 2015. They want a buffet-style catering option. They want a full open bar. ETA: They have a guest list and budget in mind.

I don't think they've thought about flowers and such yet, but my sister's colors are burnt orange and deep purple.

I'm soooo excited but soooo confused as well! Help!

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