Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Y’all, Mexador and I live in the same state and both have jobs so let the wedding talk commence!

When my parents came down last weekend, we looked at a venue and I think I love it? It’s a farm where you get the grounds and the (slightly shabby but cute) house for the entire weekend. I’m talking 5 rooms for guests (us, parents, bridal party probably), pool, firepit, no time restrictions. I think Mexador fell in love when she said “We often have the groom and groomsmen go skeet shooting the morning of to unwind.” Ever since going, my imagination has kind of run wild with “We could do this, what if we did that there...”


But it’s the first venue we’ve seen. I think all the other ones we may consider are in New Jersey, which is where half our guests live but will be less convenient for planning then where we actually live. We have a date on hold for two weeks at the farm, but unless I go to NJ this weekend, I still won’t get to see any other options.

The farm is also a little pricy, but there are other savings like as a wedding planner, the owner gets great deals on services. Or that it includes rooms. Or that she has a storeroom full of decorations. Or that it’s not in New Jersey. In New Jersey, everywhere I look is “Starting at $99 per person” or whatever so it’s hard to compare.

This post is entirely too long, but I will super gladly take advice.

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