-Free beer and wine at the rehearsal dinner! Nice touch groom's family

-Only groomsman I knew was the best man, hadn't seen him in a couple years and when i gave him a kiss hello, got the stink-eye from his girlfriend. Ugh really, your boyfriend just literally pointed out we hadn't seen each other since before I met Geekboy.

-Loved my hair and make up. Bonus photo below of me and Geekboy at the reception.

-Dress did not rip! Last Friday the bust tore and the Bride's mom had to repair it. Found out MOH's dress tore in the same place last week. Thankfully she's a good sewer herself.

-Bridal party gift: super nice Vera Bradley tote that will be perfect for work. Plus dancing shoes for the reception.


-Geekboy and I had to wear our rehearsal dinner clothes on the drive down, since we couldn't check-in and change at the hotel. He wore his dress shoes and I reminded him to pack his sneakers. Sunday morning I'm in the salon waiting while the other girls are getting hair and make up done and I get a text asking where his sneakers are. YOU HAD TO PACK ONE THING! I PACKED EVERYTHING ELSE! So Geekboy rocked shorts and dress shoes until he changed for the wedding. Drove home wearing MY Old Navy flip flops and I wore my reception shoes. Guess what I found in the Garment bag when I got home? If you guessed Geekboy's sneakers you win.

-Ceremony short and sweet, and since we did pictures beforehand first choice at the Cocktail hour! I housed every appetizer and had two servings from the mashed potato bar.


-Drink totals: Before ceremony: 2 glasses of champagne Cocktail Hour: 2 signature martinis, 1 glass of red wine someone brought me. Reception: 5 cosmos and no water. I am an idiot.

-Forgot how much I liked cosmos, one of the girls at the head table was drinking one and I was like THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS (see previous libations)


-Geekboy and I danced our asses off. All of the bridesmaids did and so did our dates.

-Today I'm pretty exhausted. but enjoyed my day off from work with Geekboy who is now making boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner.