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Weddings and showers...

I have an old friend who is getting married in the fall and is having a wedding shower. I'm not sure if I want to attend the shower, though. It's with a bunch of catty high school girls and hosted by a girl who last year called me a drunk at a bar for no good reason. (I offered to buy her a drink and she said "Joker, I'm not like you. I don't drink and drive!" then she proceeded to yell at my best friend who was a slacker in HS but became awesome after college...Angry girl is angry). PLUUUUS I don't really have the money to spend on a gift (girl made no registry either, wants straight cash for the shower!) as I'm just starting a new job.

Is it ok to go to the wedding but not the shower? I don't know anyone but catty girls going to the shower, but I think a good friend of mine will be invited with me to the wedding. Is it tacky not to go to the shower but to the wedding?


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