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Weddings don't half bring out the weirdos

I need to have a quick rant, so I’ve dusted off my old Groupthink Kinja (someone may recognise me from like, years ago).

I’m getting married in July and so far:

1. My fiancee’s entire Lebanese side of her family is refusing to attend because of reasons. Namely she didn’t invite her cousin who she sees once every 2 years to be a bridesmaid...


2. Her father who up until recently had a secret family in the Philippines (now not so secret) can’t fly in and is asking for the plane ticket we will pay for to be instead given as cash so he can get “the best deal” (read... spend on his new family and not buy said plane ticket).

3. My so called best mate (who was best man at my first wedding) has just messaged me today to say that he and his wife didn’t like my fiancee so they won’t be flying from England to Australia. (Seriously... WTF? they met her for 3 days) massively disrespectful and clearly scratching our friendship. - 1 best mate. (For the record, Its expensive and a long assed way to fly so I’m totally cool with people not being able to make it, but this as a “reason”? WTF).

Seriously... Weddings bring out the absolute worst in people...

* Jillaroo has obviously been struggling with all of the above, so loads of cuddles and help, and I’ve just dropped her off at her best mates, for wine and Magic Mike XXL (apparently it’s a sure fire cure for her feelings... I’m not going to argue!). But I’m seriously worried about the effect of all this on her.

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