I know that Free Sample Thief was writing a post about a recent wedding she had been to the other day (I think? Or was it about your own wedding planning? I DON'T KNOW).

I've been thinking about some of the weddings that I've been to since being an adult, and although they have been very different, I would say they were all "great" weddings. I imagine they took a FUUUUCCCCKKKK load of planning as well.

Looking at pinterest (I'm bored and I don't care if you judge me) there seems to be a craze at the moment to have "signs" at weddings. The most cringe worthy of which I find to be "HE STOLE MY HEART, SO I'M STEALING HIS LAST NAME".

You're not stealing it!!!! IT'S NOT THEFT!!!! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?!?!??!?!!?

I've seen a few funny things, some very creative things, and some extremely cheesy things (those cake things of the bride and groom? With the bride grabbing the groom as he tried and legs it? REALLY? IS IT STILL THE 1980s???).

So I wondered - do you guys have any weddings you've been that you remember as being particularly AWESOME? or particularly bad in some way or another? What made it good? Or bad? Or hilariously terrible? Or touching? I've seen some cute touches like "leave us a message to open on our 1-3-5-7th anniversay" or coasters that you can write on.


What about your own weddings? Were you happy with how things turned out, or would you have done things differently with hindsight?

There is absolutely no purpose to this, other than the fact I found out yesterday yet ANOTHER friend of mine just got engaged, and I fucking love weddings.