Hey hivemind,

First of all a massive thank you to everyone for your congratulatory comments in my post this weekend! We're still waiting for news from my parents (WTF PARENTS!!), so it's not open knowledge just yet. Whilst telling people is obviously the first step, I've come to realise that after that, I have no idea. I have some specific questions at the end as well :(

I wanted to start with setting a budget, but need to speak to my parents about it before I can do that (they have, with extreme generosity, already mentioned in the past they wanted to contribute to a wedding). Since that's off the cards for a while, so far I have:

* Decided on the location (London) and rough time period (spring 2015)

* Looked at the legal requirements for marriage in england and started weighing up pro's and con's of a church ceremony versus a civil ceremony. (So far the main pull of a church ceremony is that it doesn't seem to have the same 16 day residency requirement to register for the marriage license).

* Asked my closest friend to be my maid of honour (she said yes), and told Mr Kay Kay he needs to decide on a best man. He seemed to have no fucking clue what I was talking about, lol.

Really I'd like for us to both draw up lists of "absolute bare minimum people we would want to attend if the budget is limited" and "absolute maximum people we would want to attend if the budget would allow". I'm thinking it will be between 70-100 people (max). I thought that would be a good idea before looking at venues? Yay? Nay?


Where did you start guys? Like, seriously? Did you all have bridesmaids?

I have a decent number of friends, but I don't feel like there is anyone I am so close with that the natural assumption would be that they would be a bridesmaid for me. In the UK it's the bride who buys the bridesmaid dresses, so it's less of a burden for the person involved, but...is it really such a big honour to be asked? Mr Kay Kay has a sister, and I have a sister, and I have no fucking clue whether I should be asking them to be in the bridal party.


We don't really do engagement parties or bridal showers and I have no interest in them. The hen do - if I have one - I'll organise myself, and will probably just be going out for drinks and dinner.

So for those who have gone through all this...