Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

hellloooooo everyone! it’s mid-week, which means the hard part is almost over for most of us, right?

i found a yoga studio close to my house, so i am super pumped to get back into practice in a studio. i was really happy when i looked at the page with all the instructors and two of them look like they are plus sized (one even looks like she is a fat woman) which signals to me that they are (hopefully) inclusive! i try to be intentional in the places that i patronize, and i can gladly get behind a studio with a couple fat instructors! modifications are so crucial to a fulfilling practice, and sometimes if you are straight-sized, the mods for other body types don’t necessarily cross your mind. i myself am straight sized, but i was still very very thrilled about it. on the home page they say “leave ‘no pain, no gain’ outside the studio” -- it sounds like a very warm and healthy environment!!! i bought a 5-class pass to see how i will like it, but i am sure i’ll be jumping right on in. 


so that is my bit of news! how are the rest of you??

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