It’s apparently creep Lexador out day at work.

You know you start to recognize and/or name regularss. Like mullet guy. Or bag lady (so called because she knocked me over with her bag once). One guy, who I don’t have a moniker for yet, likes to chat at me while I shelve. I think I encouraged him the first time, but I regret that now. He finds me to say hello when I’m in. Today he kept touching my arm while he spoke. “You look nice, hot date?” “...with work.” “Haha I’m kidding.” And then “You must be staying to close. Tell me, do you have to stay after to clean up after you close? How long?” RED FLAG. “It can vary. Sometimes we’re here for a while.” And then he had to tell me about his cancer and pull his shirt collar down to show me the port for his medicine (???).

And then another guy, who I’m sure didn’t mean to creep me out, asked “Oh, you got contacts? You usually wear glasses, don't you?” I have no memory of ever seeing him before.

So that’s my night. And yes, employees always walk out together at closing.