At 6:30AM, I go to put on my dress for work โ€” a cute seafoam-green with a little built-in neck scarf. Totally adorable. Boyfriend has already left for work, so I struggle alone with the zipper โ€” there's a sewn-in belt-like panel that always makes zipping difficult โ€” up to and including plopping down on the bed to act as a third hand to pull the bottom of the zipper down while my real hands pull on the top and zip. I finally get it. I get up to check my hair in the bathroom mirror. I realize that I forgot to put on a bra.

I have ginourmous boobies and cannot go braless, never go braless, have no idea why I didn't realize I didn't have on a bra.

Had to go unzip myself, put on a bra, and rezip.

It's only 6:43AM and my working day will go until at least 8PM.


Happy Wednesday! Is it Saturday yet?