Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Wednesday, I think, OT (+ brag about my wife)

Today is Wednesday, right?

I have been feeling down and agitated a lot recently. Yesterday was my birthday, and I slept like utter dog crap Monday night, so I was in an abominable mood to start my 38th. Around midmorning Bralock told me she was going to go make my cake and suggested I blow off some steam playing video games. I took her suggestion, and it did lighten my mood a bit. I got phone calls from my dad, brother, and one of my cousins. It was nice to chat with all of them. My cousin had a kid 12 days ago, so it was great to talk to her and hear about the newest cousin. Then I went to walk my dog. When I got back Bralock had organized a surprise Zoom birthday party for me! There were about 10 people over 7 screens singing me “Happy Birthday” as I walked in. It was lovely, I had a wonderful time, and I love my wife for putting that together for me. I mean, I love her for a multitude of reasons, but she knows me well enough to know what I needed yesterday and nailed the delivery. It was a hilarious smattering of people together. I hadn’t seen that diverse a group of people from my life since my wedding seven years ago.


Yesterday was a good day. How is your today?

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