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Wednesday morning thoughts

-When you discover a deodorant smudge on your blouse after you get to work you feel so classy. I even dressed a little today, as opposed to my normal "what is the minimum dressy I can get away with"

-I check 3 different sites for different comic strips and none of them are working. Is there a cartoonist strike or does my computer just suck?

-I commented on Kitchenette yesterday, about my love of potato skins and got like twenty stars for my throwaway nonsense. The last time I talked about potato skins on the mainpage I got 100s of stars. Is this part of Denton's vision? Is Kinja weirdly skewed to potato skin love? At this point Kinja is so crazy I'd believe anything.


-I worked out yesterday for a 1/2 hour for the first time in forever. I'm feeling good today. Who knew all that talk about stretching and moving was actually true.

-I'm the worst to live with: Monday the Geekboy made chicken cutlets and cheddar biscuits. Last night he made pasta, homemade sauce. Tonight dinner will probably be frozen pierogies and vegetables because boiling is my main skill.

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