Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Before we begin, here's an REM song with a crazy-ass saxophone solo, from back in the day when it just made sense for an REM song to have a crazy-ass saxophone solo

1. Actual conversation at my house the other night: "What's that movie that isn't Naked Gun and isn't Die Hard?" "Lethal Weapon?" "Yeah, that one."


2. I watched the Syfy channel Wil Wheaton show from last night tonight, then I watched some more first season TNG. But baby Wheaton was barely in it, and no one said, "shut up, Wesley"

3. On Memorial day, Goodwill had a half-off sale, so we went on a shopping spree. I got

4 pairs of khakis (light, medium, mediumer, and green)

Baseball sleep pants

a blue sweater vest

a black buttonless satiny vest

a dragonshirt (my Hawaiian shirt collection is most impressive, but I'm sorely lacking in the dragonshirt department)


a red velvety jacket from the Women's side that I will wear next time I'm in da club, or just whenever I feel like horrifying everyone around me.

My wife got a bunch of pants and skirts in her size, some shirts, some shoes, and a few things for the kids. Grand total?



4. I watched Star Trek: I Attack the Darkness (that joke: never not funny) on Netflix the other night, and it wasn't so bad. Did I already brain dump that? I don't really care if I did. But it's definitely one of those movies that you can only enjoy so long as your brain is switched to autopilot.


5. Baby Gradling has her first tooth, and she's become much more mobile. Like her older siblings, she has been slow to get to the hands-and-knees crawl. But instead of the "army crawl" (flat to the floor, arms and legs on one side moving together alternately), she's adopted more of an inchworm motion. And like them, if she sees something she wants to get into, she can crawl frighteningly fast.

6. Does anybody have experience with making baby food? I know you can freeze it in ice cube trays, but what's the best way for thawing it out to serve? And how long will the cubes last in a Ziploc? And would I actually be saving any money?


7. If you had a choice between an unlimited supply of Dr. Pepper that you were not allowed to refrigerate or a lifetime supply of ice cream, but of only one flavor? what would you chose? I'd chose the Dr. Pepper, I think. If you keep it in a coolish room, it still tastes good. But you might just want to apply for a better genie.

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