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Wednesday night OT

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Good evening GT! Ever since the weather decided to look like spring here in the CLE, I have developed this penchant for chilling in my car at the mouth of the driveway with the windows down, my feet out the window, NPR on the radio, and booze in hand (I live in the hood. Ain’t no cops worried bout me sipping in my powered-off car). I do it partly because it’s just cool, and partly because with a house full of people, my car is a truly private space. Aaaaaaanyway, this is where I find myself on this lovely night, sipping Jack and ginger ale, about to light one of the rare cigs I decide to smoke while Radiolab is on my local NPR affiliate. I have a new boss who’s dope AND hot. I love my job. Things are falling into place. I’m rediscovering myself in awesome and lovely ways. And I’m kinda maybe not too convinced that I’ll end up alone with ten cats. Hahaha


I’m a few drinks in and I’m feeling mellow. I’ve also finally FINALLY conquered a good twist out on my hair. A BITCH IS FEELIN’ HERSELF, Y’ALL!

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