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Wednesday Open Thread-Random Things

1) So, in this Facebook group I’m in, somebody posted this problem and it is causing SO MANY arguements.

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  • The first is trying to determine if the rabbit saw the elephants just hanging out by the side of the road, or if they were also headed toward the river and he just passed them. (I argue that since it doesn’t explicitly say the elephants were going toward the river, they weren’t. )
  • Second is the question of if each elephant saw 2 monkeys, or if all the elephants saw the same two monkeys. (I think it is 2 different monkeys for each elephant).
  • Third, “are the parrots really going toward the river, since they are being carried?” (WTF?! As someone pointed out, if I’m on a plane to England, I’m technically sitting still, but still going toward
    England. The plane is carrying me, but I’m going.)
  • The final and most preposterous argument of all “Well, since birds aren’t animals, we can’t count them”. When I first saw that, I thought to myself “oh, probably a non-native English speaker confusing mammals and animals. It happens.” But no! There are multiple! people making the “birds aren’t animals” argument!

We can discount the parrots they are birds, not animals per se

Sorry to piss on your Christmas presents, but parrots aren’t animals. They’re birds . . .

3 a rabbit and 2 monkeys the parrots are birds not animals.

Or 3 if you don’t count parrots as animals...

Don’t count the parrots for a start as it says animals

NO Birds are a different Genus, and are generally not regarded as Animals per se, so discount the birds and concentrate


So, how is your day going? Seen anything this ridiculous in your day yet?

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