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Welcome To The Bitchery

Wednesday OT

Hello strangers,

How are you doing?

I’m in a bit of an up and down situation at the moment. I am sitting in the most gorgeous house (a renovated 14-century crete/venietian) in Crete, staring out at a lovely view. Behind me boobieguy is sadly sleeping off his second migraine of our holiday :(


We took this break to rest because after the year we’ve had we believed we needed some pampering. Boobieguy had been buckling under stress so we took an impromptu holiday. Almost everything has been wonderful, yet somehow, whenever we go on vacation we have the worst luck. So far we’ve barely slept due to: mosquitos, unexplainable noises at night, heat, sudden stress (work & existential), had to stop 2 trips because my burnout brain was too exhausted to drive any further and chased a very big rat out of the appartment. Oh and 2 migraines. Meanwhile I’m still trying to get my money back from the nightmare hotel from Barcelona a few weeks back. Bah :(

When will we catch a damn break? I make it a point to talk a lot about all the possitive stuff we álso experience on holidays (this and others) but it’s hard not to be a bit bummed about it sometimes and I wanted to talk to someone who isn’t family about it so I put my braindump here, I hope that’s okay :p


Anyone else with terrible vacation luck? Or experience with how to get over excessive stress? Or migraines? I want him to try some mindfulness stuff (I did a course and I’ll just sort of pass off my stuff to him) so he can learn to unwind & let go better, but I aint no pro so Idk if it’ll be helpfull.

Or just want to chat about something unrelated? Take the stage! :)

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