Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Wednesday OT

Anybody else feel like this week is taking forever?

My morning isn’t going great. We’re starting a new fundraising campaign at work, and I was told to start marketing it today. After I told the development department that it was up on Facebook they were like “we didn’t approve this!” Like... WHAT? You told me to put it up today, I used copy you gave me (admittedly I shortened the email copy down to social media size but still.) A video was made for this campaign, and the development director was like THAT VIDEO WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO GO UP! Then why the fuck was it made and why did I spend hours of my life emailing you back and forth about proofing it? Sorry I thought the new campaign video was supposed to go up with the new campaign.


I know everyone is extra on edge right now, but give me a fucking break.

How’s everyone else coping in the middle of this week?

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