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Wednesday OT: Just Keep Ranting

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I didn’t see an OT so I thought I’d start one.

A couple of days ago our auxiliary mini-freezer broke down. My husband was furious because he had just done a “big shop,” as our British friends would say. “There’s $200-worth of meat in there. We can’t possibly eat that much. We can’t give it away. We can’t even ask our friends to store it for us. Dammit!”


We found an authorized dealer who sent a rep into the Plague Zone (Manhattan) and he said we just needed to clean it and defrost it and start it back up. This would take 48 hours.

“What the hell are we supposed to do with all the meat?”

I went to the fridge, which had some space in it, and said, “There’s a temperature setting that goes down to 35. This is our new temporary freezer. Plus there’s a little room in its own [laughably small] freezer compartment.”


So that’s what we did. The vegetables froze, as did all these blueberries that my husband found somewhere (probably frozen to begin with, since they’re out of season, but they were room-temp in a quart box when he bought them.)

He was ranting about the frozen blueberries because he has them in yogurt (also frozen, but thaws quickly) for breakfast. I “always look on the brighter side of life” and calmly responded, “Cheer up, frozen berries are a good substitute for ice cubes in mixed drinks. I bet if you put them in gin...”


“Yeah, that helps.”

Two more hours until we turn the freezer back and and I hope it works!

Rant away. I’ll be contributing one or two of my own later on.

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