Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Here’s an open thread to talk about our feelings. Over the past few days, a couple of things came up where I had unexpected reactions.

First unexpected reaction: I was chatting on Bumble with a guy and the conversation was going well. Then, after a solid amount of time of texting, I asked him what he did for a living : he’s a gravedigger. And it totally freaked me out! It was bedtime so we stopped texting soon after, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to message him today cause I’m totally eeked out by his job. I never expected to have this kind of reaction, I mean he basically digs holes for a living...but the fact that it’s in a cemetary just...I don’t know! It freaks me out! (unexpected reaction) He’s seemed really nice though.


Second unexpected reaction: My dance partner and I have developed a nice little friendship (despite my earlier crush) and he pointed out a “tick” that I have last week during practice (basically, I bring my hand down on “the one” of the music to mark time which I didn’t realize). Our general communication style is sarcasm with light ribbing, so I took it as something that mildly annoyed him. Yesterday I sent him a message that I had been outdancing and totally noticed my “tick” and how it could be obnoxious and wondered why no one had told me before. And his answer was “ Honestly... It’s kinda nice... for when I get lost” (ie. gets lost in terms of where we are in the phrasing of the music) ... that response, for whatever reason, gave me ALL THE FEELS (unexpected reaction). The fact that he knows that, when we dance together, he can trust that if he can’t find himself in the music, I’ll be there to help him find his way back....i don’t know! IT GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS.

Talk about whatever :-)

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