Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well today has already been off to a good start.

Public transport could not deal with the weather so I was later for work than I had planned to be AND as soon as I opened up our Twitter account, I found a long discussion about people dissecting the data visualization on our website. (might remove this later for doxxy reasons but I am angry)


Basically, the way our website displayes data is automated, there is no hidden agenda, it’s just the way data on a coordinate system works if you have default website settings regarding the height of each graph. So yeah, the display was not the most optimal, graphically speaking, but you can still download the full dataset anyway. However, Twitter has caught on to this via some “we call bullshit when we see it” acct and now people are like “blablah STATISTICS LIE” “we now know which political party they belong to!” or, overly dramatic “Oh. My. God. I am going to use this as a teaching example on how people lie with data” and I am just so frustrated.

I want to explain how out website works but there is just no reasoning with a Twitter mob so I am probably going to mute the conversation (I manage our corporate Twitter account so I cannot stay away from Twitter for a few days) and be more annoyed about this. The main post and resulting offshot conversations are all over my mentions and I am so sick of it already. GT, how has your Wednesday been so far? Rant here, or just post.

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