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So I planned on making potato soup for dinner tonight. It’s snowing, the soup is hearty and great for cold days, we were planning on having the leftovers tomorrow night, I bought bread bowls, I was really looking forward to it. Last night HV was in charge of dinner because I was at my support group, and that meal also included potatoes. I explicitly said “use the baby potatoes because the whites are for soup.” He said “you got it yay soup!” etc. Fast forward to today when I reheated last night’s leftovers for lunch.... and realized that he used the white potatoes. The roads are crap and I’ve had a glass of wine (#snowday) so I can’t go replace them and I’m not about to make him drive out of his way when he comes home. I’m just so annoyed. How hard is it to remember one simple thing? He even put the two bags of potatoes in different places to help him remember which ones to use!

I think the worst part is that the potatoes he made last night weren’t even cooked well. My Irish great-great grandparents are rolling over in their graves. He’s going to make pancakes tonight to make up for it, but I really wanted soup.

What’s grinding your gears today, GT? Hope everyone’s safe if it’s snowing near you folks today!

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