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Wednesday Whinge

Anyone else a grump today? Let’s grump about it together.

1. I’m so effing sick of entitled white dudes in my classrooms. I have a student who was pooh-poohing the experience of blacks in the south during the 1930s: “It’s not like the KKK was out every night.” Happily, the rest of the class shouted him down but the fact he’d even think to say that is just so fucking ugh.


2. That same student, when he got an answer to a quiz question wrong, started complaining loudly about how the question was stupid. Really, fool? If everyone else in the room gets the question right, who/what is stupid now?

I can’t wait till I get tenure.

3. Some a-hole decided to run a stop sign and nearly kill me because he’s a fucking a-hole.

4. I’m still on my period. Can you tell? :D

Your turn!


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