Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Just received o big ol' picture from the wedding photographer of him and me. I spent a couple of minutes staring at it. It looks strange to me. I sent it to a dear friend who said "He looks 10 years older than you." Burn. I've since archived it and let the photographer know (so that she doesn't post it on her website or Facebook page). The photog told me I am a catch. Very sweet.

Yesterday, he emailed to tell me he's enlisting a friend to meet me with a box of stuff I had left around his apartment. It was a cold email, although he said he hoped we could be "friendly" sometime soon even if not seeing each other right now is a good idea. I wrote back briefly that I'm traveling to [Small city where I used to live], and he may drop things at Mutual Friend's house. My bro is proud because I wasn't mean, or friendly, and I casually gave information that could make him freak because my ex lives in [small city]. Ha ha ha. I naturally have other friends there I'm staying with, but I'll probably see the ex for a meal.


So it is a real, definite, over, over thing. I am going to pull back from all but one particularly tactful mutual friend and enjoy the holidays with my family. I may also enjoy a sushi waiter who got my number with the check slip last night and has already texted today asking for "legal advice."

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