TW: Weight stuff (includes some numbers)

I'm late in posting this one. (I've been embarking on a quest to get healthy because I am at the end of my rope trying to deal with my recent weight gain and subsequent health problems on my own. You can read more about my journey with hiring an expert to fix me under the tag on this post.)

I'd like to mention I will only take positivity here - I don't want any nitpicking of this meal plan. I am trying a new thing and we can second guess ourselves all day about this.

So, my first week I followed everything to a T except that I didn't get around to exercising as much because of time management issues, having to adjust to eating more and cooking more. At my checkup, I had only really lost one pound, but based on his estimate from the fat pincher thing, I lost 9 lbs of fat (and so I'd have gained 8 in muscle). He'd said that I have "alarmingly" low muscle mass and so all this protein build up was going to convert a lot of fat into muscle quickly (which is good for metabolism), and then within another week or so I'd start losing some actual weight. So I'm happy. He told me not to do this but I've disobeyed him - I measured my waist size came in 1/2 inch!

So, this week (starting actually last Thursday), I've been eating the following:

3 egg whites, 2 strips of turkey bacon

CARBS: 30 carbs from crème of wheat ( 3 tbls) day 3 and 6 have 5 oz grapefruit instead of crème of wheat

CLA 1500 MG
VIT C 1000 MG

4.5 oz chicken breast, day 3 and 6 have 5 oz ground top sirloin

4.5 oz cooked wild rice, next day have 1 slice Ezekiel bread

4.5 oz tilapia


1 slices Ezekiel bread ( orange bag) day 3 and 6 have 4 oz sweet potato instead of bread

CLA 1500 MG

20 grams of protein from Hydro Whey ( OPTIMUM)

5 oz chicken breast, day 3 and 6 have 5 oz salmon instead of chicken

CARBS: 3-5 oz greens, asparagus , broccoli, spinach, romaine, green beans , 10 almonds, not on day 3 and 6

CLA 1500 MG
1 tbls apple cider vinegar.

CONDIMENTS ( things you can use to cook with or add to food)
>> salsa ( 1 tbls max, twice a day max )
>> mrs dash
>> peppers
>> onions
>> garlic
>> spices
>> lemon
>> spray butter
>> sweetners ( 8 packets a day max )
>> herbs
>> tonys
>> pam
>> chili powder
>> cucumber
>> mustard
>> sea salt
>> water 1 gal day min
>> tea/coffee 36 oz day max
>> crystal light 1/3 of water consumption max
>> 25 min
>> power walking on incline treadmil, stepmil


I've learned that I also am free to use as much low sodium soy-sauce, vinegar, or hot sauce as I want.

I am getting used to the quantity of food, and getting better at managing my time and cooking it. This week is exciting because there is more variety in the meat/fish department.

Stray thoughts:

  1. Creme of wheat is fucking disgusting. I've managed to put the bacon and the egg whites in there and mix it all around like I do with grits so I've been able to trick myself into thinking it's grits.
  2. Real bacon > turkey bacon > no bacon. So I'll take it! It's actually pretty delightful.
  3. I typically stay away from artificial sweeteners but GOD DAMN DO I HATE A GRAPEFRUIT.
  4. I love wild rice! Who knew?
  5. I love sweet potatoes! Everyday eating a sweet potato is Christmas.
  6. I cooked the best motherfucking chicken breasts. I crockpotted those babies on low for 12 hours with a bunch of Tony's seasoning, a shit ton of soy sauce and a splash of Wrosthershotishsshire sauce (not sure if it's approved but whatever) and they just SHRED apart.
  7. When I bought the sirloin from the store, I practically almost ate it raw because of how much I love red meat
  8. I cheated for my birthday but I get a cheat meal. I also got trapped away from my house starving and caved and got some McDonald's french fries (which I never eat) but they made me CRAZY sick. I don't know if it's all in my head but I usually have an iron stomach. Am I changing? Is my body like, FUCK YOU, YOU'VE BEEN TREATING ME GREAT AND NOW THIS?!


Happy Saturday!